Engineering laser light

THE CORE OF A LASER: CAVITY & ACTIVE MEDIUM Since the invention of laser technology in the late 1950s, laser light has become a crucial element of everyday life for billions of people. High-speed telecommunication, industrial production, healthcare, security and defense are just some of the fields where lasers have had a huge impact in the … Continue reading Engineering laser light


QCLight: data analysis for THz QCLs

Recently, I developed a Python program called QCLight_FF (now at its version v2.0), to provide a fast, reliable and versatile data analysis tool for the optical, electrical and spectral characterization of  Quantum Cascade Lasers operating in the Terahertz frequency region (THz QCLs). In particular, the program is meant to compare the performance of lasers whose surface is patterned with a two-dimensional photonic structure and … Continue reading QCLight: data analysis for THz QCLs